High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning

High pressure water jet is a technique using water as medium for surfaces cleaning or material cutting. This equipment is designed for the special works on such locations where is impossible to apply another one because of the risk to create the secondary undesirable effects as cracking, thermal influence, dustiness, inflammation.

Water Jet Cleaning and Cutting (hydro-blasting and jetting)

Cutting and hydro-blasting can be provided in the big distances from the machine and on the locations badly accessible or inaccessible for another technique. With help of the special adapters it is possible to execute a special activity such as metal cutting, surfaces hydro-blasting, installations degreasing, etc.

Technological Equipment

Installation Pressure Flow cap.
Trail car URACA RS 716 2000 Bar 17 l/min
Mercedes Sprinter URACA RS 716 2000 Bar 17 l/min
Peugeot Boxer URACA RS 716 2000 Bar 17 l/min
Mercedes Atego URACA RS 716 2500 Bar 80 l/min
Steyr 4x2 URACA KD 624 1200 Bar 80 l/min
Mercedes Actros URACA RS 716 2x2000 Bar 23 l/min
Renault Magnum 6x2 URACA KD 627 1000 Bar 180 l/min


High Pressure Water Jet - application and advantages

High Pressure Water Jet Application

  • armoured concrete constructions remediation,
  • concrete cutting, metals cutting at abrading agent adding,
  • soft and hard deposits removal from various backgrounds,
  • concrete surfaces preparation for insulations laying down,
  • flue sheet exchangers and bituminous tanks cleaning,
  • big diameters pipelines and gutters cleaning,
  • etc.

High Pressure Water Technology Applying Advantages

  • optimal surface preparation for basic paint-coating materials,
  • old deposits and coats removal,
  • none dustiness,
  • none thermal or percussion building charge,
  • demolition vibration-free preventing from cracking,
  • 100% guaranteed maintenance of armatures,
  • surfaces degreasing,
  • etc.