Materials Vacuuming and Aspiration

Materials Vacuuming, Aspiration and Blowing-out

Our company has a lot of experiences in the solutions of problematic works as follows:

  • liquid, pultaceous, dusty and piece materials vacuuming,
  • aspiration from a distance of 300 m and a depth up to 70 m,
  • liquid, non-cohesive and grained materials blowing out on height up to 25 m,
  • inflammable materials ATEX aspiration,
  • semi-rigid, liquid and no-cohesive materials aspiration, wastes aspiration,
  • vacuuming by the suction pipes from DN 50 up to 200 according to the material structure,
  • intake performance up to 9000 m3/hour.

Among the almost vacuumed materials there belong such as dust, fly-ash, cement, lime, soda, mud, bottoms, greases, oils, bitumen, soil, sand, broken stone, construction waste, metallic residues, chips, split billets, scobs, sew-dust, granula, foliage, dangerous and inflammable substances and a lot of other materials.

Suction Technology

For vacuuming, aspiration and blowing out we apply a large scale of machinery for the correct application of the necessary technology:

High Performance Vacuum Cleaners – Sucking Excavators

Sucking excavator Centurion LN 200 on chassis MERCEDES BENZ 3535 8x4

Sucking excavator Cap Bora 3200 ADR on chassis MERCEDES BENZ Actros 8x4

Sucking excavator Cap Bora 200FL ADR on chassis MAN TGA 480 8x4

Sucking excavator Vortex 8000 on chassis MAN TGS 41.400 8x4

The high performance vacuum trucks with blowing out are the special machines intended for sucking off and blowing out the materials, with which an another handling would be quite more difficult or longer.

They are applied for:

  • greases catchers, shafts, filters and similar ones cleaning,
  • industrial passing pipelines cleaning,
  • big volume tanks, cisterns and similar ones cleaning,
  • contaminated materials extraction,
  • landslides and deposits extraction,
  • conveyor systems cleaning,
  • liquid, no-cohesive and granula materials blowing out,
  • filtration fillings extraction and their recharging,
  • fly-ashes and dust extraction,
  • utilities uncovering without their damaging,
  • railway lines switches cleaning,
  • vacuuming by the suction pipes from DN 50 up to 200 according to the material structure,
  • suction performance up to 9000 m3/hour,
  • hazardous wastes transportation.

Pressure – Sucking Truck (vacuum/tanker truck)

Pressure-sucking truck (vacuum/tanker truck) CAP COMBI ADR on chassis Iveco Magirus 6x4

The pressure-sucking truck is a machine qualified for cleaning of the sewerage systems with the power water and simultaneous suction-off the materials evacuated during cleaning.

It is applicable for:

  • pipelines and sewer systems cleaning,
  • pluvial drains and sewerage shafts cleaning,
  • tanks cleaning,

as well as for:

  • concrete, incrustations and roots milling,
  • hazardous wastes transportation.

The high performance vacuum cleaners and pressure-sucking tricks in ADR execution are defined for the hazardous materials transportation in the sense of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.