Sewer Systems Cleaning and Milling

Sewer Systems Cleaning by Power Water (hydro–blasting)

Sewer systems and pipelines cleaning with power water contributes significantly for their longevity prolongation and prevents disrepairs origin. The company has accumulated a lot of experiences in the sewer systems hydro-blasting. We will help you to maintain your sewer systems in a good condition what drives also to the cost exploitation reduction.

Sewer Systems and Pipelines Milling

By help of the milling machines we remove the obstacles in sewer systems and pipelines which cannot be removed by hydro-blasting. Sewer systems cleaning by milling is almost used for taking-off the roots, hardened sediments – incrustations and residues of concrete empty-out

Sewer Systems Inspection and Laying-out

Sewer system and pipeline cleaning is an indispensable condition for the defect area identification. The cleaned pipeline can be inspected by our video – monitoring system and a protocol about its other defects or damages can be delivered, too.

Technological Equipment

Pressure – sucking truck (vacuum/tanker truck) Cap Combi ADR on chassis IVECO TRAKKER 6x4
Pressure – sucking truck (vacuum/tanker truck) KAISER Aquastar II - RECYKLING on chassis SCANIA 8x4

Practical application:
  • pipelines and sewer systems cleaning from DN 50,
  • sewer system shafts cleaning, pluvial drain area cleaning, greases catchers and tanks cleaning,
  • liquid, pultaceous and dangerous materials aspiration,
  • pipeline and sewer systems milling from the roots, incrustations and concretes,
  • inflammable materials ATEX aspiration,
  • sewer systems and pipelines cleaning by hydro-blasting (power water) and the simultaneous aspiration of materials evacuated during cleaning,
  • hazardous waste transportation.


Practical application:
  • Creation of two video recording types (2D and 3D) with detail examination of the failures areas during one passage