Pipelines Video Inspection

Camera with Self-Drive for DN 150-1000

Pipeline video – inspection with 2D and 3D head is able to create both records in the same time by one passage. The camera is attached on a moving up equipment allowing the camera head to be centred in the midpoint of the pipeline. The chassis is powered by all four wheels. Chassis is equipped by the additional wheels and by the enlargement to serve for bigger pipelines and in the case of obstacles in pipeline. The camera has its own light source with automatic regulation of the light intensity and one additional light source for bigger pipelines diameters.

A special double head rotating by 270° horizontally and 360° axially allows to make one classic 2D recording with detailed views of necessary sections in one passage, and in the same time to make one 3D recording (scan of the pipeline covering) in the passage back. A panoramic lens in colours allows a clear projection of all characteristics failures in pipeline with 40 – fold magnification. The camera is measuring the pipeline incline, pipeline ovality, the failure area, the gap distance between pipelines and makes the identification of the pipeline path in the ground. After the camera passage a protocol can be created as well as a CD/DVD video recording with the particular failures description.

Mini Camera for DN 30–150

The inspection of the small diameters pipelines is executed by a pushed mini camera with the maximal working radius of 30 m. The mini camera application for the particular diameters is based on the adapters´ application attached on the camera head allowing its centring. The mini camera passage limiting factor is the number of the elbows in a pipeline. The mini camera is a little mobile installation with its own LCD monitor. Based on the client demand it is possible to create a CD/DVD video recording, too.

Technological Equipment

Inspection Installation DIGIMAX RPP

Opel Vivaro

  • passage of the pushed mini camera is DN 30-150, working radius is 30 m
  • passage of the camera with own drive is DN 150-1000, working radius is 250 m
  • 40 – fold digital zoom
  • rotating RPP 2D and 3D head
  • pipeline laying-out
  • failure area measuring
  • EX execution

Application Advantages

Two types (2D and 3D) video recordings creation with failure area detection by one passage.